Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Snowflake Bulletin Board Border to Print

                   So, it's January--Gray skies, cold days and snow.  Don't you need a border for that?

       You can use this bulletin board border around all of those snow-related crafts your kids are making this month.  Now go have some hot chocolate and cheer up.  February, full of pink, red and purple is coming.
                                         Click Here to Download The Snowflake Border

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Activities To Use with Sam and Dave Dig a Hole

SamandDaveSam and Dave Dig a Hole by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jon Klassen is delightful picture book that came out in 2014 about two characters who decide they're going to dig a hole. These two little guys decide to keep digging until they find something spectacular. As they dig, the reader can see how they are tunneling through the dirt.  It is sort of like watching ants tunneling around on an ant farm. The reader can also see that as they dig, they are missing diamonds in dirt all around them.  As you read this book aloud to your students they will start pointing out the hidden diamonds, and it creates a fantastic sense of tension and attention in your students.  If your little listeners don't catch it the first time, don't worry, the diamonds get bigger and bigger. Sam and Dave, exhausted from digging such incredible tunnels, fall asleep.  Their dog smells a bone, digs it up and somehow they fall through the dirt back to their house.

Things you might want to do with this book.
1.Put toy jewels in a sand table (or something spectacular!)  so that the children can reenact Sam and Dave digging the hole. This is great for sensory motor skills.
2. Matching Exercise: Make this into an adapted for special learners. Make laminated copies of diamonds and have them place their diamond on the diamonds on each page.
 3. Turn this into a classroom game and hide laminated diamonds around the room for your kids to find.
4. Discuss the concept of finding something spectacular. Talk to the kids about things that they would consider a treasure. Then discuss whether all treasures are things that can be held.
5.  Use Sam and Dave Dig a Hole along with a Spring planting unit. Plant seeds in paper cups and tell students they are planting something spectacular. If have a planter that has viewable sides, your kids can see something spectacular growing.  

Monday, December 2, 2013

December Calendar and Free Christmas Memory Card Matching Game

Merry Christmas and here are a couple of gifts to download!

 My calendar this month is a song set to the old tune True Love.  When I started looking for an example of the tune, I discovered Pink has a song of the same title but it's not the same song.  If you have ever seen the old movie "High Society" with Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly they sing a beautiful duet of the song.  Here is an instrumental version that gives you some of the tune in the sample.  My thoughts on this song are to take some of the emphasis off of getting and put a little more on giving. Use the lines to incorporate the movement of giving and getting gifts and then dance around the Christmas tree.  This would also make a great short song for a preschool Christmas program.  You can use the instrumental mp3 below for accompaniment.

Download the December 2013 Preschool Calendar

Only free for the month of December. Use one of the links below to go to download page.  Match six pairs of colorful Christmas items.
Get it From Teachers Pay Teachers
Get it From from Teacher's Notebook
Get it From from Currclick

Friday, November 1, 2013

November Calendar and Counting to Ten Download

As the temperatures fall, here is a snuggly song for November that includes a little counting.  Sing this song to "My Hat, it has Three Corners".  At the end of the song count to ten with your class.  To expand this song my free download of the month "Counting to Ten" is now up at the following online stores.

Download this FREE Calendar

Get my free download of Counting to Ten From Teachers Pay Teachers
Get my free download of Counting to Ten From from Teacher's Notebook

Congratulations to last month's winners of my preschool unit for Flat Stanley. I had almost 300 people enter! If you didn't win--try for this one!

This unit is my bestseller! It is based on The Tale of the Three Trees, also called The Legend of the Three Trees. The story involves three trees who became major parts of Jesus's life. The download includes crafts, Bible verses, songs, a game and more. 17 pages/week long

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Only Two Days Left on My Flat Stanley Unit Giveaway

If you haven't entered my giveaway yet--.it ends on Halloween.  I am giving away 5 copies of my week long unit to go with the preschool version of the book Flat Stanley.
Click on Stanley to enter.  (Don't worry!  He's flat already)

This curriculum guide for preschoolers teaches address placement skills on envelopes, writing, games and songs. Finally a Flat Stanley for preschool, kindergarten and special needs children! Includes a mini-book, an exercise in address placement on a letter,a simple science experiment, writing practice for the word "flat", circle time questions, your own Flat Stanley to send around and more as you enjoy this classic tale with your students.

My Activities for Stone Soup will only be free for a couple more days so grab yours now!