Saturday, November 15, 2008

Great Site: Pamm's House

If you are looking for an incredible collection of free curriculum check out Pamm's House. She has many sections to her website including one called "Resource Room" where you will find curriculums planned out week by week/month by month for the school year. Her lesson plans are Christian based so there is a Bible story/activity for each week. There are also many other activities including crafts, songs, and games. Here is a screenshot of her site:

I have used this site in my lesson planning but also in working with my special needs child. I like the fact it is all put together for a teacher in a hurry! Great job Pamm!

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  1. My endless congrats to Pamm for the resourceful curriculum! Our school has adapted your curriculum to our needs for the last year and it has worked with great results.
    We were looking for an easy, clear, well-trimmed curriculum for our toddlers; none of the ones out there is as simple and efficient as Pamm's.
    Thank you for your help and work.
    H. Beach, CA


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