Sunday, December 28, 2008

January 2009 Preschool Calendar

Start out the new year right with this printable calendar for your preschoolers. If you want a version for coloring click here.

Resolutions for Teaching in 2009
1. Never forget why I love to teach
2. Teach to the entire group--not the just the ones who learn quickly and not just the ones who struggle.
3. Talk to my coworkers when I have a problem with them, not to my other coworkers about them.
4. Plan ahead, stay organized.
5. Find places to learn about what I do.
6. Communicate with parents about what we are doing in the classroom.
7. Get a raise (uh huh)

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  1. This January our new years resolution is to allow children to be their own learning detectives and uncover ideas that are of interest to them as we (the teachers and parents) work to support their discoveries. Visit our blog for a free preschool song to use this January and numerous game and project ideas to fill your January calendar!


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