Thursday, December 18, 2008

Preschool Christmas Party Games and Activities

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile but like everyone else Christmas has me way behind! If you are getting ready to have a party for your children and searching for ideas as what to do with them besides fill them with sweets, here are some suggestions.
Christmas Bingo
You can get bingo cards with only pictures on them and play bingo with prizes. DLTK has a bingo card creator that lets you create bingo cards for Christmas or any other occasion you may have.

Jingle Bell Tag

You will need some space for this. Have the children sit down in a circle and choose one child to stand outside of the circle. Give them a jingle bell (if you don't have bell use some sort of Christmas item that won't break). This game is based on the old Tisket a Tasket song/Duck Duck Goose activity. Sing to the Tisket a Tasket Song.

It's Christmas It's Christmas
And all our friends are with us
I'll choose the one to give my wish
a Merry Merry Christmas

The child walking around with the jingle bell rings it and then drops it behind one of the children sitting there. That child gets up and chases them back to their spot in the circle. Be sure to emphasize no tagging with the bell (ouch).

What's in the Stocking?
Fill a large stocking with Christmas items. Have the children come up one by one and pull out and item and tell you what it has to do with Christmas. Item ideas: a little Santa, reindeer, elf, present, star, nativity, candy cane, tree.

Snowman Coloring Pages from Making Friends
--I know, I know, what is there to color on a snowman--but it sure is cute.

Make Garland Ribbon Sticks

Staple garland onto a popsicle stick and then put some music on and swish!

Sleigh Ride Pretend Game/Dance

If you have a copy of the Christmas song Sleigh Ride tell the kids they will be Santa's reindeer. Have them do a reindeer gallop in place and direct Santa's sleigh to land at each child's house and deliver some toys. When you hear the part of the song with the woodblock have the children freeze and nod their heads then go back to their reindeer gallops.

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