Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

The stores are full of those little paper valentines and it is time to get your teaching materials together for the holiday. To get your started here is my February calendar with a new song. When I first started making these calendars several years ago I would use common songs I would find in books or on the internet. After awhile I thought I would try writing them on my own. I already do this kind of thing in my job, so why not. For the last few years all of the songs you see on the Printable Pre-K calendars are written by me and used with my kids. The kids really like songs that are easy to learn and that have some sort of fun action in them. In this month's song I put the chirps in the corner so that kids can go "Chirp, chirp, chirp" each time after they sing the song. Now you know you can't go "Chirp" without some bird wing action to go along with it. You ARE the bird. Use your imagination!
Here is February 2009--Hope you have fun with it! Chirp Chirp

If you would like a pdf version of this calendar click here.
If you would like a pdf version of this calendar in black and white to use as a coloring sheet click here

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