Monday, February 9, 2009

Planning a Preschool Valentine's Party

Party Time! Here are a few activities to keep your party rolling even with the high amounts of sugar!!

Party Games

Stacking Heart Challenge

Here is a good one from Amazing Mom's that will work for little hands. You will need to buy some of those large candy hearts. Stacking Heart Challenge

Heart Hunt
-from Party411
Valentine Hunt:

Hide small Valentine's Day inspired items all over the house/room for the kids to find. Divide the kids into teams, and give them clues where to find each item. (Make sure the number of each item corresponds with the number of teams). The first team to find every item wins a bag of Valentine's Day stickers.

Pass Around the Heart
Get a stuffed heart pillow or heart shaped box. Put on some Valentine's music (there are some mp3 downloads in right side column or just anything with a good beat) and pass around the heart. When you stop the music the person holding the heart has to say "Happy Valentine's Day".


Valentine Handprint Wallhanging
from Kaboose-paint, construction paper, crepe paper streamers

Hands That Touch the Heart from Kinderart--white paper, red construction paper, scissors, red paint, markers

Valentine Heart Flowers
from, pink and green construction paper, glue, scissors, tongue depressors or jumbo craft sticks, markers.

Valentine's Song
Here is a simple song I wrote for busy little hands. It is a piggy back song to Frere Jacque.

Heart Song
I love Mommy
(put up pointer finger)
I love Daddy
(put up other pointer finger)
They love me, They love me
(Join both thumbs at the bottom then curl pointer fingers around to form heart with hands)
They are in my heart and I am in their heart
We love, love, love
Love, love, love

Valentine's Storybooks
Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink

Olive, My Love

Guess How Much I Love You

Clifford's Valentine's Day

The Velveteen Rabbit

Happy Valentine's Day!!

My vintage Valentine was found at

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