Friday, March 27, 2009

April 2009 Printable Calendar

Here is my printable calendar for April 2009. This little song can be sung after hearing the classic story of Chicken Little. Use the actions in the song to burn off a little energy and have fun with the "Ouch".
Click here for color version of April 2009 Calendar
Click here for coloring sheet version of April 2009 Calendar

Why not start your April with a mini unit on Chicken Little? Here is the classic story that can be told with pictures, felt board figures, or hand puppets.

Here is a copy of the story Chicken Little.

Here is a animated storybook of Chicken Little. It does not have sound but would work well if you have internet access with your kids and are able to read it aloud.

If you want to print out picture cards and read aloud an older version of this story try this site (

First School has an easy chicken craft that could be used with this story.

If you choose to use the latest movie there are many, many coloring pages that go with it.

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