Friday, March 6, 2009

A Program for Preschool Performances

For many years I have written and put on preschool end of the year programs. I have finally put one of them to paper and am going to try to put more programs into this format. The first is titled Looks Like Rain and is a very simple program to put on around the story of Noah's Ark. The songs are all "piggyback" songs so they are easy to learn and easy to teach. The skill level on the songs is broken up into 2s, 3s, 4/5s. Easier songs for the little ones and tougher ones for the older ones. This program would also work for one class performing all the songs. Chords are provided for easy guitar or you can sing the songs without any accompaniment. So many teachers stress out if they have to put on some sort of performance showcasing their children's talents at the end of the year. This program is designed to take that worry and stress down a notch and let you just enjoy teaching the kids some simple songs. I am offering this program for a free download for one week over at Teachers Pay Teachers. After that, I'm going to be charging $2.50 for the program so download it now!(If you are reading this post later-sorry the free download has expired)

If you do download it, could you please provide comments and votes in the feedback section? Thanks! If you have never been to Teachers Pay Teachers this is a great place to sell your original lesson plans and units. If you go through this link,and sign up, I will get credit for you too.

Click Here to Download a Looks Like Rain

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