Friday, April 24, 2009

Teaching About Flowers

As your kids look out at all of those beautiful spring flowers here are a few ways to carry it into the classroom.
Sing about flowers...
Picking Flowers
by Teresa H.
Sing to Clementine
I am picking
I am picking
Picking flowers everywhere
In the springtime
There are flowers
Where the branches
Once were bare.

Carnation Coloring
Buy white carnations and put them in clear vases or cups. Add a little food coloring to the water in each vase and then your students will be amazed as the flowers drink up the water and the white carnations will turn the color of the water.

Flower Matching
Bring in several different kinds of flowers and take off the petals. Have the children match the petals.

Online Flower Matching Game from
--better for older preschoolers

Flower Crafts

DLTK has the classic coffee filter flower craft. This one is good for age 2 and up.

Here is a cute EASY flower frame for a photo from Enchanted Learning.

Here are some of my coloring pages at Printable PreK
F is For Flower
How Many Colors Flower Coloring Page

Also, here is some writing paper I designed with pansies.
Click here for pdf version of this writing paper.

Take a nature walk and have your children point out all the different colors of flowers they see. You can even print out a sheet of color squares and have them check off each color.

Finally, here is an abc book created with flower names.

Happy flower hunting--hope you don't have allergies!


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