Friday, June 26, 2009

Teaching About Shapes: Rectangle

Thinking about teaching a unit on rectangles? Here are some resources to help you plan your lesson.

Rectangle Books
Here are a few mostly nonfiction books either to read at circle time or to put in your classroom bookshelf to reinforce the unit.

Free Printable Shapes Border from Printable Pre-K

Rectangle Crafts
Rectangles to color, trace and find - A Kid's Heart

Rectangle Coloring Page - DLTK

Rectangle Crafts - DLTK

Trace the Rectangle - Kid's Page Archives

More Rectangle Ideas - Preschool Express

Preschool Math Worksheet-Rectangle

A Rectangle Song

It's A Rectangle Sung to:


There is a shape that has four sides,

But it is not a square NO!!

It's a rectangle;

It's a rectangle;

It's a rectangle;

It is not like a square NO!!

Two sides are long;

two sides are short.

They are not the same NO!!

It's a rectangle;

It's a rectangle;

It's a rectangle;

The sides are not the same NO!!

Author of this Song Unknown

Shape Game
Use a rectangular lego for this game. Have your students sit in a circle and choose one child to be in the center. Choose another child to be on the outside of the circle. The child in the center drops the lego in someones hand in the circle. Work with the kids to show them how to put their hands after the lego kid has come by. All of the hands need to look the same for this to work. The other child then tries to guess who has the lego in their hands. They get 3 guesses. While all of this is going...sing this rewritten version of Skip to My Lou.

Lost my rectangle- what do I do?

Lost my rectangle- what do I do?

Lost my rectangle- what do I do?

Skip to my Lou my darling.

If the person on the outside guesses the right person then they go on the inside. The person on the inside goes back in the circle and the person who had the lego in their hands becomes the outside person. Got all that? It's really fun once you get it straight. This game would be good with four year olds. Two's? Not so much.


  1. I am definitely going to bookmark this one. Great resource for rectangle.

  2. your site so much helpfull expecially for me as a mom and pre-k teacher...thanx a lot...may god blesses you..kristy


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