Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 Here Already!

Click Here to Download this Coloring Sheet

Wow! To start your new year off right here is a coloring page to help your children color in numbers as well as learn about the clock and the changing year on the stroke of midnight. You may way to have the children use some sort of counting bean and put the correct number of beans on each number.

This is also a great time to teach the Macarena Month's song. If you can do a macarena you can do this (and it's a lot of fun)

Macarena Months

right hand out - palm flat - January
left hand out - palm flat - February
turn right hand over - March
turn left hand over - April
right hand to left shoulder - May
left hand to right shoulder - June
right hand behind head - July
left hand behind head - August
Right hand to left hip - September
left hand to right hip - October
right hand on right hip - November
left hand on left hip - December
Hey Macarena!!!!

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