Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time For Eagles

Here is an exciting lesson to teach your preschoolers this spring. I fell in love with this site last year. It features a live webcam of an eagle's nest in British Columbia. You watch the eagles lay eggs and then take care of them for two months or so and then you see the little eaglets in the nest. Last year there were three eaglets, two big ones and a little one. Of course all of the people who post on a message board next to the webcam loved the little one, and affectionately named it Tink. The day Tink fell out of the nest there were people all over the world hoping and praying she would find her way back to the nest. She did. Anyway, it's a glorious way to learn about nature and springtime and EAGLES! Here is the link to the webcam-You and your kids can check on the family each morning. As I write this, they currently have two eggs in their nest and Ma and Pa have had to fight off an attacking crow this week.
Eagle Webcam

There are some excellent Eagle coloring pages over at First School to go along with this lesson.

If you do not have an internet connected computer in your classroom, consider taking a screen shot once a week and printing it out and then reading through the Screech Hollow messages to find out what happened with the eagles that week. Hold up your weekly "check in" picture and tell the kids how the eagles are doing.

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