Friday, August 6, 2010

Teaching the Letter B

Boldy, Beautifully, Brightly here is the letter B for your kids!

Crafts for the Letter B

Bobby B Alphabet Buddy
from DLTK Crafts

Alphabet Lacing Card Idea from About.Com. These could be made from a sturdy material and set up as a center.

Make a collage-Cut out B's and pictures of items starting with B and glue them all onto a piece of construction paper.

Trace the Letter B-
You can trace the letter a in pudding, shaving cream or sand.

Letter B Songs
Boom, Boom, Ain't it Great to Be Crazy?

The Blue Bus Blues from Scroll Down and they have a coloring sheet to go with this also.

The Baby Bumble Bee Song from DLTK

My Letter B Song--Printable Pre-K

(Sing to Jingle Bells)
I can write an B
B starts words like balloon and
bumble bee, too!

I love to say B
I hear B in many words
Do you have one for me?

Practice Worksheets

Here is a great lesson plan for teaching kids to write letters from Handwriting for Kids.
B is not the second letter they suggest learning but much later on.

Single Letter Worksheet from Tampa Reads--Click on the B box. The worksheet will be a document download.

Online Exercises for B
See the letter drawn at Kat's ABC's Just For Me

Spring Bee from Kids Games--This is not just for the letter B but it is fun. The bee floats over the alphabet and has to pick up each letter in order.

Books With "B" Characters

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