Sunday, August 15, 2010

Teaching the Letter D

DD-DDD-D Time. (Channeling Dora)

Crafts for the Letter D

Doctor Doggy D Alphabuddy Craft
from DLTK Crafts

Duck Paper Plate Craft
from Enchanted Learning

Alphabet Lacing Card Idea from About.Com. These could be made from a sturdy material and set up as a center.

Make a collage-Cut out D's and pictures of items starting with D and glue them all onto a piece of construction paper.

Trace the Letter D-
You can trace the letter a in pudding, shaving cream or sand.

Dancing Dino's-Here is a great activity plan from First School using the book Dancing Dinos (Step-Into-Reading, Step 1)

Letter D Songs

Don't Dig Dog from Scroll Down and they have a coloring sheet to go with this also.

My Letter D song--Printable Pre-K
Sing to Bridge over the River Kwai
Daddy (ASL sign for Daddy)
My heart goes BOOM BOOM BOOM (hands on chest moving out with each heartbeat)
when you walk in the room (walk in place)
I love you Daddy
I have a great big ol' hug just for you!(hug self)

Practice Worksheets

Here is a great lesson plan for teaching kids to write letters from Handwriting for Kids.

Single Letter Worksheet from Tampa Reads--Click on the D box. The worksheet will be a document download.

Online Exercises for D
See the letter drawn at Kat's ABC's Just For Me

Digging Game-Hide items in your sand table and have the kids recite
Dig Dig Dig
D-i-g spells Dig!

Books With "D" Characters

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