Saturday, August 21, 2010

Teaching the Letter E

Time for teaching the Excellent E!

Crafts for the Letter E

Make and Elephant out of a toilet paper roll
from DLTK Crafts

Letter E printable coloring page featuring Elmo.

Here is an entire page of Letter E Crafts from Everything Preschool.

Make a collage-Cut out E's and pictures of items starting with E and glue them all onto a piece of construction paper.

Trace the Letter E-
You can trace the letter e in pudding, shaving cream or sand.

Online Story for E
An online picture book from Between the Lions-An Egg is Quiet
Printable Activity Book-"Words that Start With Long E" from Enchanted Learning

Letter E Songs
Do the Baby Elephant March. Here is the mp3 if you don't have it. Use scarves and have the children walk in a line each hold an end of a scarf as elephants hold each other's tails.

Ella Jenkins
Anything by this wonderful singer is golden. My favorite is probably "You'll Sing and Song and I'll Sing a Song."

You can listen to both songs in the box below.

My Letter E song--Printable Pre-K. This is a great song to use when gathering students for circle time.
Sing to London Bridge is Falling Down
Everybody Listen

Everybody listen up, listen up, listen up
I'm about to start to count
Move into the circle

Practice Worksheets

Here is a great lesson plan for teaching kids to write letters from Handwriting for Kids.

Single Letter Worksheet from Tampa Reads--Click on the E box. The worksheet will be a document download.

Online Exercises for E
See the letter drawn at Kat's ABC's Just For Me
Books With "E" Characters

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