Thursday, October 14, 2010

Teaching the Letter H

Happy Day!  Time for H!

Crafts for the Letter H

Hippopotamus Heart Craft
from DLTK Crafts

Helicopter Coloring Page
Humpty Dumpty Coloring Page

Here is an entire page of art projects for H (hula skirts, stick horse, hearts, etc.) from Everything Preschool.

Make a collage-Cut out H's and pictures of items starting with H and glue them all onto a piece of construction paper.

Glue paper hearts onto construction paper in the shape of an H

Online Story for H
An online picture bookHumpty Dumpty

Letter H Songs

Do the Hokey Pokey-Adapt this song to whatever unit you might be working-Do a pig pokey, a reindeer pokey, a bunny pokey--Whatever you wish to reinforce in your teaching.

Practice Worksheets

Here is a nice worksheet to practice handwriting and recognition of H from Starfall.
Single Letter Worksheet from Tampa Reads--Click on the H box.  The worksheet will be a document download.

Online Exercises for H
See the letter drawn at Kat's ABC's Just For Me

Books With "H" Characters

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