Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Leaves Are Falling: Crafts and Books

Leaves are falling!  Here are some books and crafts for you to put together your own little leaf unit in your classroom.

Review From School Library Journal

  With a body made of fallen leaves and acorns for eyes, Leaf Man takes off from a backyard and flutters away on the breeze, meandering past animals, over fields of fall vegetables, above waterways, and across prairie meadows.
Craft:  Foliage Friends.  You may want to draw a little man on a piece of paper and copy it off.  Then have the kids glue fall leaves to make their own leaf man.
Here is a project from Family Fun that would go along nicely with Leaf Man.

Review From School Library Journal

It is autumn and Mouse, accompanied by Minka, a larger rodent wearing a pink jacket, go out to play. As they enjoy the day, Mouse learns about leaves, their colors and shapes, and the fun that comes from piling them up and jumping in them.
Craft:  Make Your Own Mouse Picture

Here is a mouse coloring page to print out. from
  He is already jumping around so add a few colorful leaves to the picture to go along with Mouse's First Fall.

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