Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Free Winter Word Matching Cards

These matching cards are free for a limited time only.


Boost new words by playing these ready to print and use vocabulary games! From traditional board games to guessing pockets and tic-tac-toes, you will find educational games to practice and reinforce vocabulary with your children.
You can use the games to play daily with your children at school or home.
You can adapt the vocabulary in the games using the blank cards to meet your children's needs.
You can also expand the vocabulary connecting the words and concepts to other activities seen in class.
Children can play the games individually, in pair work or in groups.
Besides using a variety of games promotes the acquisition of new words and concepts as well as the use of different games.
9 cards upper case letters
9 cards lower case letters
They are ready to print and use!

Winter Words Matching Cards

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