Friday, June 1, 2012

June 2012 Preschool Classroom Calendar

This month we sing about growing flowers!  Sing this song with the tune "Clementine" or it also works with the tune from "Found a Peanut".  Pantomime planting a seed and then when the flower grows have the children act out the flower going from the floor to the ceiling.  Raise the pitch of your voice on your final "groooooooow". 
I now have some of my curriculum guides over at Currclick and to celebrate I have priced my Sunflower Parable Unit at $1 for the month of June.  This is a week long unit to use with the book The Sunflower Parable by Liz Curtis Higgs.  The discount only works with this LINK for Printable Pre-K/Preschool Teacher's Resource visitors.

Click here to print out a copy of this month's calendar.

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