Saturday, October 13, 2012

Teaching the Picture Book: Tumford the Terrible

If you are working on the concept of saying "sorry" after a behavioral incident, then the book Tumford the Terrible is a delightful way to demonstrate to your children the positive aspects of apologizing.
In the story, the little cat Tumford gets into all kinds of trouble but has a hard time apologizing.  Because he can't face it, he runs off and hides.  Tumford, of course, comes to the realization that maybe he wouldn't be so miserable if he would just try to apologize for his actions.  This is a funny and entertaining book that would be suitable for 3's, 4's, Pre-K and Kindergarten.
Here are some ways to reinforce this book.

Bulletin Board-Put cat paws all over your bulletin board and then ask your class things they might say sorry for doing--spilling milk, not picking up toys, not listening to the teacher, hitting someone, etc.  Write this list on a piece of construction paper and put it up in the center of the cat paws.  Suggested title the bulletin board- Saying You're Sorry Is A Big Kid Thing!

Cat With Fish Coloring Page

Letter C Cat-Trace the Word and Color the Cat

I Can Say I'm Sorry File Folder Game from Sugar Doodles

Manners Games and Activities from Childfun

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