Monday, July 1, 2013

July Calendar for Preschool and a FREEBIE

If you have a fish tank in your classroom or even if you don't, July's calendar song is a fun way to learn about four different types of aquarium fish.  Make sure that when you teach the song you use the sign language sign for fish (hands together swimming back and forth).  This song is sung to the tune of "Thumbkin".

To go along with the calendar I have a downloadable songbook available at Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook.  It includes the song that can be printed out and laminated, counting cards and a shape match worksheet.  Enjoy!

                        Go to Teachers Notebook to Download Friends in My Fish Tank for FREE

If you missed the free download from last month, Going to the Beach it is now available for $1.50.
                    Download Going to the Beach at Teachers Pay Teacher for $1.50
                    Download Going to the Beach at Teachers Notebook for $1.50

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