Sunday, October 9, 2016

Bats at the Library Picture Book for October

Bats at the Library is not a Halloween book but it is very suitable for this season. There were two wonderfully teachable things about this book. First, kids get to learn all about the library and the many things to do there. Second, they get to learn about bats. How would a bat sit for story time? Upside down of course!  The bats invade the library in the dark of night and then proceed to read the books, use the copy machine, dance around in the water fountain, and play on the computers.

Here are some ways to use this book in your classroom:

Bat Coloring Pages
First School- coloring pages along with letter B practice
Coloring Pages for Kids- Some cute and some closer to a true sketch

Bat Crafts

First School- Handprint Bats
Red Ted Art Projects-25 Bat Crafts for Kids

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