Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Picture Book Review: When Will Fall Arrive?

A moving story about friendship - and hibernation! Bunny is looking forward to a cozy fall and winter with Hedgehog. But Hedgehog says he will start hibernating when the first leaf falls. Bunny is worried. He cannot go that long without seeing his friend! He comes up with a clever plan: he is simply going to hide the falling leaves and the arrival of fall....

A merry and heartfelt story about friendship.

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5 Stars

When Will Fall Arrive is a great little story about two friends who love spending time together. When the hedgehog informs his friend bunny he will be hibernating in the fall and winter, the bunny tries to collect every incoming leaf to stop the hibernation process. Little ones with friends coming and going would find comfort in the resolution of this story as well as enjoy the beautiful fall illustrations.  This would be a great book for a preschool classroom or a preschooler at home.

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