Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Picture Book Review: Jammie Day

Cliffy is a middle child: a little less loud, a little less messy, and a little less conspicuous than his four siblings. One cold, winter morning, Cliffy doesn’t feel like getting dressed. So he tells his mom it’s jammie day and heads to school in his favorite footy pajamas.

His mom might not have been paying attention. His teacher and his dad are distracted, too. So Cliffy gets away with it for a day… then a week… then a month. The other kids at school catch on quickly and start making every day jammie day, too! This playful read-aloud pokes fun at preoccupied adults and lets the kids win. Adorable, nuanced artwork elevates the story with a true-to-life depiction of family chaos, emotion, and warmth. The illustrations especially show off Cliffy’s jammies, which become more worn, torn, and beloved as the months go by.
Grade Range: Pre-K to 3
Reading Recovery: 17
Lexile: AD420L

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5 Stars
Middle kids! This book was written for you.  Nobody pays much attention to Cliffy, the middle child of five, but he knows what he likes. He announces to the world it is Jammie Day and because all the characters know they really haven't been paying attention to him, let him go to school in pajamas. The illustrations are well done and the book is fun for kids who will love it that Cliffy gets away with Jammie Day, Week and even month.  I also like that the publisher took the extra steps to show grade range and where it falls in Common Core.

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